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Why you should invest in an ergonomic office chair

Posted by Brieanna Sherwell on

why you should invest in an ergonomic office chair

With the sudden shift of employees now having to work from home due to the Coronavirus, many people are realising that their dining chair isn't going to cut it. 

An ergonomic office chair is extremely important to ensure you are able to work comfortably, no matter where you're working. An ergonomic office chair is height adjustable, has seat tilt and seat slide, as well as an adjustable back and adjustable arm rests. This ensures the seat can be tailored to the specific person using it. 

Below I will outline the reasons for buying an ergonomic office chair either for yourself or your employees.


A proper ergonomic office chair that is set up correctly for the user ensures the worker is comfortable and properly supported. When a worker is sitting in a chair for hours on end, which is usually the case, sitting puts stress on the body, causing discomfort. When a worker is uncomfortable this will hinder their ability to do their job well and effect their productivity. 

Back & Neck Pain

When a user is not sitting in an ergonomic office chair, such as a dining chair, the chair doesn't properly support the body. Most people tend to slouch forward, over-stretching spinal ligaments and straining the discs. Over time this causes back and neck pain, which can be quite debilitating. When an ergonomic office chair is properly set up for the user, this helps to relieve that strain on the back and encourage good posture whilst working. 

Boosts Morale

Having a good office chair boosts morale in employees, as it shows them that their employer cares about their health and them being comfortable in their work environment. This is also important when working from home. If you invest in an ergonomic office chair for your home office setup it's also going to boost morale, providing a dedicated workspace that is comfortable and enticing to work at. 

Health Risks

As well as back and neck pain, sitting in a chair not designed for long term use can effect the body negatively in other ways. When a body is not properly supported, circulation around the body is hindered, increasing the risk of blood clots, as well as generally causing discomfort in the body. A good ergonomic office chair will take pressure off the body and encourage good blood circulation.

When you do decide to invest in an ergonomic office chair, whether that be for your employees or a home office click here to learn how to properly set up an ergonomic office chair. 

For our current range of office chairs that come fully assembled, please click here.

Otherwise call us on 1300 920 996 to discuss which office chair is perfect for your work environment. 

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