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How to set up an Ergonomic Desk

Posted by Brieanna Sherwell on

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With most office workers putting in a minimum of 40 hours at work a week, office workers spend a lot of time sitting at their desks. Along with sitting for so long every week comes back and neck issues if the desk isn't ergonomically set up.
  • Height adjustable so the user can sit with their legs at a 90° angle with their legs either flat on the floor, or on a footrest.
  • Height adjustable back to ensure lumbar support is in the correct position for supporting the lower back.
  • If the chair has arm rests, they should be able to be adjusted to ensure the wrists are straight.
  • Preferably your elbow should also be level with your wrist but it is even better if the elbow was slightly higher than your wrist.


  • The desk should be positioned so the user is no more than 450-700mm away from their screen, to ensure the back stays upright.
  • The desk should be 710-730mm high to ensure proper posture is about to be obtained.
  • The desk should be big enough so that all necessary equipment (mouse, keyboard, screen) can fit on comfortably, allowing an easy free flow of movement, without the need for the user to bend or twist the body.
  • The keyboard and mouse should be positioned elbow level to ensure a straight and neutral wrist position.

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