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How to Create a Functional Home office

Posted by Brieanna Sherwell on

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Identify what you need

When setting up your home office, you will need to ask yourself several questions to identify what you need:

How much space you require?

What storage do you need?

What type of office chair do you need?

Do you have access to electricity and data points?

What are your internet/phone/printing requirements?

Ensuring you answer all these questions, means you will have all the correct office furniture set up for your situation. It will also help you to identify a budget for setting up your home office.

Create a dedicated area

Separating your professional and personal space within your home is important for creating a functional home office. Try to set up your home office in a quiet area that gives you some privacy, for all those zoom meetings. If you have a spare room, this will be an ideal space to set up your office. If not, any area that ensures you have enough room for the correct office furniture needed for you to be able to work comfortably and productively. 

Set up the space to be functional & ergonomic

Once you have decided on what you need for your home office and where you will be setting it up, it's time to set it up in a functional and ergonomic way. 


Your workspace needs to be big enough so you can comfortably do your work, and be able to easily reach for everything you need. Can you add a return to your desk, for some added workspace? The size of the desk is important to consider, so you can easily move around your office space, without bumping into the desk. If your space is limited, think about adding a hutch bookshelf to your desk for extra storage.


The most important purchase for your home office, will be your office chair. The office chair you choose needs to be fully ergonomic. A fully ergonomic chair has an adjustable seat depth, a height adjustable back, seat tilt, adjustable seat height, swivels and is on wheels. This allows the user to be able to fully customise the chair for their body, so it is supported and comfortable. 

It has been shown that sitting in a properly set up ergonomic office chair, increases productivity, decreases back and neck pain and helps to increase circulation throughout the body. This all leads to decreasing pain and discomfort from sitting down for extended periods of time. 


Whether you have a small or large space for your home office, considering what storage you need is important to create a functional space. Adding a drawer unit on wheels under the desk provides draw space for stationary and or files. You could add a bookcase to the room, to store folders or books. If space is limited adding an overhead shelf unit onto your desk could be the answer. Sitting down and assessing everything you need to store, will ensure you select the correct storage for your home office set up. 

Embrace natural light

Try and set up your office space near a window with natural light. Cold light, from outside encourages productivity and alertness, helping you do your best work. Being exposed to natural light is also good for your mental wellbeing. Adding a plant near the window or in your office space has also been shown to increase levels of happiness and help to relieve stress. 

Personalise the space 

Adding pictures of loved ones, drawings from your children, knick-knacks or plants are excellent ways of personalising your office space. It's been shown that personalising your workspace in an office environment, increases productivity and makes us happier in our work environment. This is no different for your home office. By making the space comfortable, inviting and functional you will want to work there, increasing your productivity and happiness. 

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