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How to Create the Perfect Boardroom

Posted by Brieanna Sherwell on

 How to create the perfect boardroom

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The office Boardroom is one of the most important spaces in an office. It's where teams can go to work together on projects or have meetings. It's where you take potential clients, and it's where presentations can take place. It's important that this space reflects your company, is functional and creates an environment where ideas and deals can be discussed easily. 

Below I will take you through everything you need to ensure your boardroom is both practical and comfortable for everyday office life.


The Boardroom Table is the centre of the room and the most important item in the room. It needs to be long enough to fit the potential groups using the space, but not too big that it takes up most of the room. You need to allow enough space around the boardroom table to allow people to move around easily.

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The boardroom is used for a variety of different scenarios, so the seating needs to be comfortable and practical. Office chairs that can roll around allow the user to easily move around and are usually ergonomic so people can adjust the chair for maximum comfort. Good seating is important, especially for long meetings or training days.

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Data points are essential so people are able to charge their devices during meetings or presentations. It's important to provide both electrical sockets, as well as USB charging points and even wireless charging pads. 

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As boardrooms are usually used for presentations or meetings, investing in smart screens, glass boards or whiteboards provides a place for people to share ideas.

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Boardrooms, if big enough, should include a place for storage of stationary, refreshments or snacks. A credenza is the perfect piece of office storage to accomplish this and available in a variety of dimensions and colour options.

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