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Standing desks for a healthier workspace

Posted by Brieanna Sherwell on

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In this Covid world we now live in, where you may be working from home or moving back into the office, it's a good time to evaluate ways you can make your workspace healthier. Whether that's ensuring you have a fully ergonomic office chair set up or bringing in some greenery to liven up your space.

Another thing to consider is if a standing desk could make your workspace healthier for the future.

Standing desks have been popping up in offices across the world over the past few years. Especially since research came out that they increase productivity in the workplace. Productivity aside, standing desks biggest pro is the effect using them can have on the body in comparison to sitting at a desk all day.

Benefits of Standing Desks

Reduce Back Pain

Back pain is commonly experienced by office workers, due to incorrectly set up work spaces or just not moving around enough. Even though we all know that sitting for hours on end isn't good for our backs, sometimes it's just unavoidable. A standing desk takes away this issue, by improving your posture and keeping you upright and moving. 

Increases Blood Circulation

When you sit for hours on end without moving or adjusting your posture, blood starts to pool in the body. Like sitting on a long haul flight, when you don't walk around and stretch your legs, blood clots can form, especially if you're predisposed to them. Movement makes leg muscles contract, contractions push blood around the body. Replacing your desk with a standing desk helps to alleviate this problem and promote good blood circulation throughout the body.

More Alert and Productive

A standing desk isn't just good for the body, it's good for the mind. The increased blood flow and, reduction in aches and pains makes for a happier, more alert and productive worker. If you're stuck in a problem during the day it's much easier and more enticing to move around when you're already standing. Standing desks also create more interaction with colleagues, as opposed to workers hunched behind computer screens.

Types of Standing Desks

We stock 3 types of Standing Desks, electric, manual height adjustment or an electric desk riser, which sits on top of your existing desk. 

All these desks can be used as normal height desks with an ergonomic office chair or raised to be a standing desk. This gives the worker greater flexibility in their workspace.

Richmond Office Furniture stocks these desks in a variety of sizes and colours to suit your office or home office needs.

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